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The Value of Commitment - SP Jain Toastmasters Club Dubai Meets

The SP Jain Toastmasters Club, Dubai held its 24th meeting on 19 May 2018, with many new faces, including the budding Toastmasters from the new Batch 42, alongside the more experienced members. With 36 attendees, including Dr Gary Stockport (Dean – Executive MBA), the meet started with the Opening Speech by Attul Sreenath (Student, Executive MBA Batch 39) followed by a Presidential address by Parmita Debnath (Manager – EMBA Program and Quality Assurance) who emphasised the value of commitment.

Topics: EMBA; Dubai, Global Events at SP Jain

Study Tour to the Land of Opportunities - EMBA Mumbai Cohort Visits Dubai

Between 10th April – 13th April 2018, 33 students from the EMBA Mumbai Batch - 06 visited SP Jain’s Dubai campus for a study tour. The students presented their Global Immersion Projects (GIP) presentations to Dr Gary Stockport (Dean – Executive MBA) and Dr. Rajashree Gujarathi (Director – Academic Services, Executive MBA) on Day 1, who evaluated and provided critical feedback.

Topics: EMBA; Dubai, Global Events at SP Jain

Welcoming New Faces on Campus – Executive MBA Batch 42 Orientation, Dubai

On the 6th April 2018, SP Jain’s Dubai campus welcomed the new cohort of Executive MBA with 45 students embarking on their journey of learning.

Topics: EMBA; Dubai, Global Events at SP Jain

The Revolution of Blockchain Technology – Executive MBA Corporate Interface Session, Dubai

On 17th March 2018, SP Jain’s Dubai campus hosted a Corporate Interface Session for the Executive MBA students, conducted by Mr. Subhash Shanmugham (Associate Director, Protiviti Consulting).

Topics: EMBA; Dubai, Global Events at SP Jain

Every Little Thing – Toastmasters Club Meets

The SP Jain Toastmasters Club held its 20th meeting on 13 January 2018 – the first meet of 2018. With the theme ‘Every Little Thing’, the session was highly inspiring and spoke about the value of precious moments in life that are often ignored in the pursuit of material pleasures. 

Topics: EMBA; Dubai

SP Jain Toastmasters Club Meeting - “Le Chocolat”

The SP Jain Toastmasters Club completed its 8th meet on the 8th July 2017, in a fun and chocolaty way. It was a great learning experience, with an interesting theme, ‘Le Chocolat’. The event was attended by the SPJ Toastmasters Club, consisting of the EMBA, GMBA and MGB students.

Topics: EMBA; Dubai

Women Empowerment at heart, SPJ Toastmasters Club meets again

SPJ Toastmasters Club held their 6th meet on the 10th of June 2017, with the focus on Women Empowerment. The event was attended by various EMBA cohorts (Batch 32-40), and saw a brilliant start by the Sergeant at Arms, TM Arti Thanki, followed by an equally engaging and thought provoking Presidential Address, by the President of the club, TM Parmita Debnath.

Topics: EMBA; Dubai

SPJ Toastmasters Club being established for the EMBAs

Toastmasters’ International (TMI) is a platform that can transform people into better leaders, effective listeners and communicators and hone your public speaking skills. It helps individuals learn the art of speaking, listening and thinking – the vital skills that promotes self-actualisation and enhance leadership potential. Toastmasters have proven to be a platform where speakers are groomed and cultivated.

Topics: EMBA; Dubai