Become an economics expert by studying in two global cities

Our Bachelor of Economics (BEC) is a 3-year program that gives students a solid understanding of economics in a global context. The course is quantitative in nature and teaches you how to study international business environments and critically analyse issues from an economist’s perspective.

Please Note: This program is not offered in Singapore

3 year full-time program
Ideal for Grade XII applicants
Study in Dubai and Mumbai
Graduate with an Australian degree

Understanding the global business environment is key to business success, and at SP Jain, students learn this by living and studying in a minimum of three international cities.

So in addition to learning the various tools of business (like most university graduates), our students understand the global nature of business in the most compelling way – through actual exposure to diverse cultures, political beliefs, traditions and technological innovations.

In addition to living and studying in some of the world’s top economic centres, our students participate in special global learning classes where business frameworks are studied and tested.

They interact with local companies and conduct real-time application-based projects that help them really understand the interconnected nature of business, the influence and impact of culture on consumer preferences and business decisions, global collaboration and best practices, and the risks of stepping out of one’s home country.

In addition to the global knowledge gained, students learn to be adaptable, multicultural and globally relevant to companies of the 21st century.

In 2015, students from 30 different countries found their way to SP Jain’s undergraduate programs – from Australia, Spain, India and Russia to Vietnam, Oman and the United States. Visualise the contribution this diversity makes to the learning process, the impact it has on your development as a sensitive, empathetic manager.
In the last five years of our short but decorated twelve-year history, we have been ranked by three of the world’s top four business school rankings – Forbes, Financial Times and the Economist. In each of these rankings, we are the youngest school featured – an accomplishment we attribute to our unique and innovative model of business education.


The academic track of the BEC program is made of a blend of core courses, electives, industry projects, internships and certificate programs. As a freshman at S P Jain, you will jump right into core courses that provide the foundation for more detailed and specialised learning in the second half of the program. 

A unique feature of the program is requirement to undertake an Action Learning Project along with regular subjects. Student teams work with local companies to submit consultant level reports and analysis. This project is very important as it offers you the opportunity to add significant value to a company, gain first-hand exposure to businesses and build important industry contacts.

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The first year of the program, spent in Mumbai or Singapore, focuses on business management, general education and other contemporary topics that provide a broad perspective of the environment in which businesses operate today.

  • Economic History
  • Behavioural Finance & Economics
  • Statistics
  • Financial Accounting
  • Introductory Econometrics
  • Quantitative Analysis for Decision Making
  • Development Economics
  • Financial Management

As students progress to their second and third years, spent in Dubai, the focus shifts to specialist subjects. An intensive capstone project in Year 3 culminates academic learning.

  • Game Theory & Applications
  • Monetary Economics
  • International Trade Theory & Practice
  • Commercial Law
  • Financial Markets
  • International Business
  • Microeconomics & Macroeconomics

After completing the course, students will have learnt to appreciate various aspects of the theory and practice of economics, including development economics. Its strong real-world emphasis combined with the theory and application of economics makes this course highly beneficial, whether you want to pursue a career as an economist, consider a general career in business or opt for graduate studies.


UG Open Day
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15thFebruary Friday Dubai S P Jain Dubai Campus 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm




Admissions are now open to our September 2019 intake.