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‘Reinvent Yourself’ – SPJ Toastmasters Meet

SPJ Toastmasters Club – Dubai completed their 12th meet on 9th September, 2017. Unlike the previous meets, the 12th meet also included attendees from SP Jain Dubai’s BBA cohort, bringing a lot of youth and vitality to the group.

Topics: EMBA; Toastmaster

Meeting the Mentors - Toastmasters Excom and Mentor Quarterly meeting

Seven months ago, at the start of their Toastmasters journey, the SPJ Toastmasters Club was matched with their talented mentors, TM Phillip and TM Love.  “They both changed our lives, as we evolve as Toastmasters, enhancing our communication and leadership skills. We are so grateful that they took us under their wing”, said the Team as they met their mentors for an American breakfast spread at the Denny’s restaurant on 2nd September, 2017.

Topics: EMBA; Toastmaster

“The world through a Child’s Eye” – SPJ Toastmasters Club Meeting

‘Can you remember what it’s like to be a child? When you look back, you see those years through rose-colored glasses and its all happy memories. Do you watch how your children, nieces and nephews, or friends’ children interact with the world around them?’

Topics: EMBA; Toastmaster

“Be Your Own Life Coach” – SPJ Toastmasters Club Meeting

“Be your own life coach – because it is not about the right or wrong, it’s about what is best for you”, said TM Love Charmaine, a seasoned toastmaster, as she gracefully chose to become the Toastmaster of the Day (TMOD) at the 10th successful meet of SPJ Toastmasters Club on 12th August, 2017.

Topics: EMBA; Toastmaster