Since its independence in 1959, Singapore has become one of the world's wealthiest and healthiest economic centres. This vibrant, cosmopolitan city is one of the Four Asian Tigers and home to over 5 million people. The World Bank has called Singapore "the world's easiest place to do business". The country's success is based in large part on its openness to business and its emphasis on tolerance and respect.


SP Jain's seven-acre Singapore campus is located close to downtown and is easily accessible by car or public transport. The campus' renovated heritage building house houses the Faculty offices, Accommodation, Marketing & Admission offices, classrooms, lounge, banquet hall & cafeteria. The non-heritage building (former dental college) houses the student hostel, classrooms, Faculty offices and Leadership hall.

The cafeteria offers a variety of multinational cuisine to cater to the diverse student community. 

Students can stay healthy by exercising in the gym or playing sports, such as basketball or table tennis. They can also take long walks around the campus or on the Mt. Faber Sky Walk, located just outside the campus.


There are seven classrooms and learning centres (or lecture halls) in the Singapore campus. The rooms range in siting capacity from 30 to 76 and are equipped with audio-visual equipment, internet drops, and at most times, wireless network coverage. Students also get to enjoy the use of the school library with a study area and study breakout rooms for group discussions or self-revisions.
 157  Learning Centre 1  76 person  Classroom / Lecture Hall
 80  Learning Centre 2A  40 person  Classroom / Lecture Hall
 157  Learning Centre 2B  76 person  Classroom / Lecture Hall
 76  Learning Centre 2C  36 person  Classroom / Lecture Hall
 157  Learning Centre 2D  76 person  Classroom / Lecture Hall
 80  Learning Centre 3A  40 person  Classroom / Lecture Hall
 157  Learning Centre 3B  76 person   Classroom / Lecture Hall
 114  Seminar Hall 1  45 person  Classroom / Lecture Hall
 75.5  Seminar Hall 2  30 person  Classroom / Lecture Hall
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  • Singapore_courtyard.jpg
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  • Singapore_verandah.jpg
  • Lecture theatre 2
  • break out room
  • Picture1
  • Raj-Lounge-_-Executive-Lounge
  • Learning-Centre-3
  • Outdoor-Cafeteria
  • Executive-Dining-Lounge
  • Learning-Centre-4
  • Library
  • Executive-Learning-Centre
  • Gym
  • Indoor_-Social-Network-Cafe
  • Student-Lounge-3
  • Student-Lounge-2
  • Decision-Tree-Lounge


The Student Hostel is located on campus, within HortPark. Girls and boys are housed separately for privacy. Security guards patrol the premises at night to ensure the safety of all students living there. The Hostel is air-conditioned and students have access to common areas like a TV lounge and group work areas. Hostel facilities include:

  • Pool table

  • Foosball table

  • Game consoles

  • Table tennis table

  • Gym

  • Pickleball/Badminton court

  • Basketball court

  • Music room (with a drum set, guitars, keyboards and microphones)

  • Futsal court

SP Jain offers housing on a first-come, first-served basis. Students are free to make their own arrangements outside campus.

  • Singapore_accommodation_bedroom.jpg
  • Singapore_accommodation_bedroom_1.jpg
  • Singapore_gym.jpg
  • Singapore_soccer.jpg


Planning for a safe return to Singapore campus

After months of leading a purely virtual life, we believe that it is time for you to prepare to return to campus, aligned with the regulations put forth by the local governing bodies, and enjoy the on-campus experience that SP Jain is renowned for. Through this transition, the health, safety and well-being of our community continue to be our highest priority. We have developed this guide to help you navigate the safety protocols we have put in place at our Singapore campus:

By implementing these safety measures, we aim to create an environment where you feel secure to focus on your learning goals. It is up to each of us to do our part and support each other to help create a safer environment for everyone.

Please note: As COVID-19 is an evolving situation, our safety guidelines will be updated to adhere to any new directives and advisories issued by the local governing bodies.



How to get there

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Singapore Campus

SP Jain School of Global Management
10 Hyderabad Road
within Hort Park, off Alexandra Road
Singapore, 119579
Tel: +65 6270 4748