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Ferrari World is located on Yas Island on the north-eastern side of Abu Dhabi’s mainland. It is not only the world’s largest indoor theme park but also has the world’s fastest roller coaster “Formula Rossa”. 


The students reached the Ferrari world around noon to explore the world of celebration, inspiration, and innovation. Welcoming people on the walkway were a cacophony of car engines, string of retail shops and fragrance of multi-cuisine restaurants, including one of the best Italian restaurants named Mamma Rosella.  The theme park also embraces "Galleria Ferrari", which has a breathtaking display of Ferrari cars.


The students tried the Formula Rossa ride a couple of times as they couldn’t get enough of the thrill and excitement that the fastest roller coaster offered. The students experienced fun rides but also had a glimpse of how the world’s first class Ferraris were manufactured with the help of unique video ride which took one on the tour of Ferrari’s history and a step-wise detailed methodology of how Ferraris were brought up to perfection.  Also, the countless live shows added up to the fun. For the students, this trip not only provided a relief from their hectic schedule but also gave them a brief idea of how automotive technology plays an important role in today's life. 

After an astounding day in the world of Ferraris, the postgraduate students headed back to the student accommodation late in the evening. 

Student Testimonial: 

“The best ride in Ferrari World is indeed Ferro Rossa. Feel the speed of 240km/hr in just 5 seconds and enjoy the ride at Grand Prix speed. Other attractions such as speed of Magic and Karting are definitely worth a try. A vote of thanks to student life committee for arranging such a wonderful trip. “ 



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