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The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree is a value-added qualification that will give you a professional edge, help you tap into new career opportunities, and prepare you to make an impact as a thought leader. Graduates of the DBA program will be well-equipped for senior-level positions in organisations across various industries as well as for academic and executive roles in the education sector.

Hear from our graduates as they share how the SP Jain DBA has helped accelerate their career growth:


Dr Sai Hrushikesh Reddy Yadam

(DBA Class of 2021)
General Manager, Unifeeder (DP World Group)

“I earned 5 promotions in 3.5 years.

  • 2017-2018: I worked as a Deputy Manager (Strategy) and got promoted as a Manager (Strategy) in a shipping and logistics company in Mumbai.
  • March 2018: I started my DBA journey to seek professional guidance and improve my skills.
  • April 2018: I got promoted as a Senior Manager in the shipping and logistics company in Mumbai.
  • September 2018: Professor Seetharaman taught us many theories and techniques as part of our course work. One particular concept, “TOWS Matrix”, changed my thought process and was a turning point in my life. I used this concept to develop a 5-year plan that included personal and professional goals and designed a personal balanced scorecard.
  • July 2019: I earned a double promotion as Deputy General Manager (BPM, India-Sri Lanka-Maldives + Projects Head, India + eCommerce, MEI Region countries) at a French shipping line.
  • January 2021: I got promoted as a General Manager (Integration Office – Scope Middle East, Indian sub-continent, East and the Far East) at Dubai’s largest shipping and logistics company.

The DBA program helped me develop advanced problem-solving skills, adopt a clean and structured planning approach, increase my credibility and opportunities, and continuously improve my soft skills.”


Dr Manoj Kapur

(DBA Class of 2021)
Senior Examiner, Central Bank of the UAE

“I acquired many academic, career-related, personal and interpersonal skillsets during my DBA journey. It has assisted me in my aptitude for research, critical thinking, time management, and building a sense of accomplishment. It has also allowed me to endeavour economic benefit through promotion and increment.”


Dr Milind Vinayak Gokhale

(DBA Class of 2021)
Zonal Manager – Flooring Solutions, Nippon Paint (India)

“The DBA program helped me get in-depth knowledge of various management and branding aspects related to my product mix domain. The DBA qualification has added a lot of weightage to my professional profile. People in my work domain have more confidence in my professional abilities now. They are confident that I can offer handy solutions which will create that techno-commercial edge over the competitive forces.”


Dr Shweta Tewari

(DBA Class of 2020)
Founder, Amitiel Consultants

“I bagged a new role at a prestigious university in Bengaluru, India. The DBA program helped me change my profile and, most importantly, taught me patience.”


Dr Sridhar Vishwanath

(DBA Class of 2021)
Independent Consultant

“The DBA program helped me differentiate myself in the consulting industry and opened new opportunities in academia. It gave me the tools and methods for rigorous research and enquiry that is critical in the knowledge industry.”

Dr Rajiv Pravinkumar Oza

(DBA Class of 2021)
Senior Director, Stryker

“The DBA program is considered the highest degree in business management. With this degree, you are affirming your expertise in a specific area. The world needs experts and specialists, and I plan to leverage my expertise and make a significant contribution to management research. This course will help me become one of the leading organisation design experts in India.”


Dr Balasubramaniam Krishnan

(DBA Class of 2021)
Consultant, Tata Consultancy Services

“I received a decent hike in my compensation, and I have been told that promotion is also on the cards for next year. The DBA program gives you the opportunity to have a good work-life balance and earn respect in your organisation.”

Dr Marko Selakovic

(DBA Class of 2021)
Director – Institutional Development and Student Recruitment
SP Jain School of Global Management

"DBA enabled me to shift my career towards teaching and research. It enhanced my management skills, so I am able to go more analytically into different aspects and issues, and that helps me a lot in everyday business and operations.”

Dr Rammohan Sundaram

(DBA Class of 2021)
Country Head & Managing Partner - Integrated Media,
DDB Mudra Group

“I am currently the Country Head & Managing Partner – Integrated Media at DDB Mudra Group. I got promoted in January 2021 during the research process of the doctoral program. I have been informed that once I’m awarded the degree, I can expect an increment of at least 30%, which is significantly higher than my industry peers. This is largely attributed to the strategic skills I garnered during my study.”


Dr Ajay Arun Damle

(DBA Class of 2020)
Chief Engineer, Worley Engineering

“After I completed my DBA, my organisation gave me the additional responsibility of handling an EPC project.”


Dr Anish Babu Zacharia

(DBA Class of 2020)
Director, Nebraska Papers

“The DBA program has helped me explore new business opportunities with a new perspective.”