Phase Timeline Figures in USD Figures in USD
(Fees payable for opting to study in Sydney)
Registration Fee Immediately  1,500 3,000
Coursework Fee
September 7, 2019 1,140 2,280
November 7, 2019 1,140 2,280
January 7, 2020 1,140 2,280
March 7, 2020 1,140 2,280
Research Fee
May 7, 2020 1,715 3430
August 7, 2020 1,715 3430
November 7, 2020 1,715 3,430
February 7, 2021 1,715 3,430
May 7, 2021 1,715 3,430
August 7, 2021 1,715 3,430
November 7, 2021 1,715 3,430
February 7, 2022 1,715 3,430
May 7, 2022 1,720 3,440
Viva Fee August 7, 2022 800 1,600
Total Fees   22,300 44,600

DBA Students’ Change option from Non-Australian Study to Australian Study:
SP Jain offers a unique opportunity for DBA students looking to migrate to Australia. If you spend 2 years in our Sydney campus, you would be entitled for a 4-year* work visa in Australia. On a student visa, you could work for 20 hours per week, for which you must find a suitable job. You are free to apply for the part-time positions in SP Jain and outside SP Jain at Sydney.

The fee structure is as follows:

  • Students must pay pro-rata basis in proportion to the time they will spend at non-Sydney (India, Dubai, etc.,) and Sydney, subject to a maximum limit of 1-year non-Sydney and a minimum of 2 years in Sydney.
  • To get a 4-year* Australia work permit, a scholar must spend at least 2 years as a DBA student in Sydney.
  • In case the student opts for Sydney option within 1 year, the student is expected/liable to take care of Visa application fee, travel, insurance (for both travel and stay duration), food bills and hostel/room rents or any other miscellaneous expenses on their own in Sydney.
  • Interested students can apply by specifying the option, fee paid details, copy of Passport and other documents as specified by our travel desk anytime during the 1st year.

*Applicable as per the current Post Study Work Visa Rights in Australia. The laws are subject to change.


We offer merit-based scholarships for applicants based on their qualification, work experience, overall profile and performance in the DBA admission interview.