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Returning to campus – SP Jain’s students and faculty interviewed by Khaleej Times


SP Jain School of Global Management’s students Akhilesh Daljeet Bacchoo (Bachelor of Economics) and Dheeraj Chaudhari (Bachelor of Business Administration) and faculty members Prof Christopher Abraham (Head of Campus – Dubai, SP Jain) and Dr Arindam Banerjee (Associate Professor and Deputy Director – Global MBA & Master of Global Business, SP Jain) shared their thoughts on returning to campus and what lies ahead in the new norm in an interview with Khaleej Times, a leading newspaper in the UAE.

SP Jain's Dubai campus

SP Jain's Dubai campus


Akhilesh Daljeet Bacchoo

Akhilesh Daljeet Bacchoo
Bachelor of Economics (BEC) – September 2018 Intake

“The next academic year is going to be an authentic one with a whole new touch to it. I am expecting a more blended approach to the teaching on campus since my university has made use of highly disruptive technology to allow us to continue our classes during lockdown. It will be interesting to see a combination of conventional and innovative teaching being delivered in an attempt to enhance the learning experience of students. I cannot wait to see my classmates and have a proper conversation again. I am a people person and it has been a very rough patch for most of us. But it will soon be over, and we will be back on campus for an absolutely amazing year ahead, which will also be my last year of undergraduate studies.”


Dheeraj Chaudhari

Dheeraj Chaudhari
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) – September 2019 Intake

“I look forward to my sophomore year to learn about the UAE business and culture. I am an optimist and see opportunities in challenges, I am excited to create new milestones for myself, leverage on the hybrid set of student life activities, organise and attend fun events, make new friends, and gain a new perspective on life through new experiences.”


Prof Christopher Abraham

Prof Christopher Abraham
Head of Campus – Dubai, SP Jain

“We have always been on the forefront of disruptive innovation and the current challenges to offer our students a memorable and seamless learning experience. With strategic partnerships with global universities and courses taught by global thought leaders, our students will enjoy an outstanding and experiential experience, collaborating with students from different universities and being taught by a team of outstanding faculty members.

Come September we are waiting to welcome our cohorts across different programs to our Dubai campus, which is well equipped with game changing technologies to prepare our students to face the uncertainties of a VUCA world, equipping them with the right vision, understanding, clarity and agility.”


Dr Arindam Banerjee

Dr Arindam Banerjee
Associate Professor and Deputy Director – Global MBA & Master of Global Business, SP Jain

“We are truly excited to welcome our new cohort and quickly adapt to the new normal. Our new concept of borderless campus is a new feather on our cap where students would be exposed to a whole new world of blended learning coupled with joint projects with international universities, globally renowned speakers sharing their insights with our students and enabling them to reimagine the future that will only belong to those who can adapt to the underlying uncertainties and demonstrate resilience and prepare themselves for an array of amazing opportunities.”






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