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Wesley Payne McClendon

Adjunct Faculty

LinkedIn Profile


Doctor of Philosophy, Penn State, USA

  • Innovation, Decision-making and Leadership
  • Strategic Human Resource Management

Academic experience 

  • Professor/Visiting Professor, Human Capital Management, Edinburgh Napier Business School (Scotland)
  • Associate Professor/Adjunct, Strategic HR Management, Melbourne Business School (Australia)
  • Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Leadership and Strategy, Victoria Graduate School of Business (Australia)
  • Visiting Fellow, Strategic HR Management, Birmingham Business School (UK)
  • Lecturer, Industrial Labor Studies, Leeds University Business School (UK)
  • Lecturer, African & African American Studies, Women’s Studies and Sociology, Penn State (USA)


  • Chief Transformation Officer, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Diversity Atlas (Australia)
  • Executive General Manager, People & Capability, GROCON (Australia)
  • Group Director, People & Culture and Executive Director, Dar Academy, Dar Al Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
  • General Manager, Talent & Organization Development, Fonterra, ASX:FSF (Australia & New Zealand)
  • Director, Human Resources, National Alliance of Business (USA)

Consulting Experience

  • Managing Director, Edinburgh Institute (UK & Hong Kong)
  • Principal & Melbourne Practice Leader, People Advisory Services, Ernst & Young (Australia)
  • Partner & UK Practice Leader, Human Capital Services, Mercer HR Consulting (UK)
  • Senior Manager, HR & Business Effectiveness, PricewaterhouseCoopers (UK)
  • Manager, Change Management, Deloitte Consulting (USA)

Research Interests

  • McClendon, W.P. Five steps to diversity, equity and inclusion success (submitted for publication)
  • McClendon, W.P. (2021). The Fast-brain leader. Human Resource Director, 4 August.
  • McClendon, W.P. (2020). The curious case of leading remotely. Institute of Public Administration Australia. 6 October.
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  • McClendon, W.P. (2020).Seven habits of leaders in crisis. Human Resource Director, 20 May.
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  • McClendon, W.P. (2002). Industrial Labor Relations, Strategic HRM & Technology Change Dilemma (Whitepaper).

Awards & Recognition

  • Bunton Waller Doctoral Fellowship Recipient


  • Pi Lambda Theta
  • Phi Delta Kappa