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Dr. Kirti Khanzode publishes a case study on the global expansion strategy of FiLLi Café


Dr. Kirti Khanzode, Deputy Director - UG Programs (Dubai) and Associate Professor - Communication at SP Jain School of Global Management, has published a case study with co-author Dr. Geetanjali Chandra, Program Head of Law, Amity University Dubai, on the brand journey of FiLLi Café.

 Filli Cafe

(From left to right) Dr. Geetanjali Chandra, Program Head of Law, Amity University Dubai; Mr. Rafih FiLLi, Founder and CEO - FiLLi Café; Dr. Kirti Khanzode, Deputy Director - UG Programs (Dubai) and Associate Professor - Communication at SP Jain

The case study titled ‘FiLLi Café: Going Global’ has been published in Ivey Publishing, a leader in providing business case studies with a global perspective, and offers an opportunity for students to understand what goes into transforming a small local business into a brand with exponential growth.

“The case offers insights into marketing and branding strategies that led to a spectacular growth of a humble cafeteria into a chain of over 30 profitable outlets in UAE. After its success in the local market, the brand is now going global. This case also examines the expansion strategy of FiLLi Café. Mr. Rafih FiLLi, the founder and CEO, is a true entrepreneur and a visionary who filled the gap for specialty tea in the market for tea lovers. The brand draws from his passion for high quality and excellent taste,” said Dr. Kirti Khanzode.

The case study will help students to:

  • Identify the traits of an entrepreneur
  • Analyze factors crucial to the growth and success of a medium-sized enterprise
  • Understand the importance and role of branding for a medium-sized enterprise
  • Study brand elements that contribute to brand success
  • Evaluate various global expansion decisions for businesses in light of their business objectives
  • Ideate ways to remain profitable and to retain market share.

The case is designed for use in graduate-level courses in marketing, branding, entrepreneurship, and business strategy, and is available here.



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