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Summer Program  in Contemporary Business Management


Structure & Curriculum

SP Jain’s Summer Program in Contemporary Business Management spans 6 weeks and offers a scientifically designed curriculum that intends to prepare students for university life and help them develop the skills needed to succeed in an evolving world.

The program consists of 6 modules, each spanning 1 week with 3 days of classes each week (Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday; from 9.30 AM to 12.30 PM), taught by accomplished subject experts from academia and the corporate world.


Week Course Modules Focus Areas Faculty
Week 1 Management Essentials
  • Case study workshop
  • Essentials of marketing
  • Essentials of finance
Week 2 Managing Business in Numbers
  • Statistics for business
  • Excel for business
  • Understanding financial plans
Week 3 Contemporary Topics in Business Management
  • The Science of Happiness at work
  • Design Thinking and Creativity for Innovation
  • Designing Your Life with Design Thinking
Week 4 Technology in Business
  • Basics of programming
  • Essentials of data science
  • Business analytics
Week 5 Personal Effectiveness
  • Corporate communication
  • The art of CV writing
Week 6 Leadership Lessons in Post COVID Era
  • Leadership Success in Times of Uncertainty
  • The Neuroscience of Decision Thinking
  • Design Thinking & Innovation in the Post COVID Era
Registration Fee     5,000



*Faculty are subject to change