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Diploma in Business



The DIB program makes use of innovative, student-centred technology platforms that enables students to use advanced learning methodologies to facilitate learning.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Students gain access to subject content and a range of opportunities for interaction through a dedicated website developed using either Blackboard or Moodle Learning Management Systems. The LMS will provide a suite of interactive tools, such as discussion boards, blogs, journals, and quizzes which will support active learning opportunities.


Live Webinar Sessions

Weekly webinars will provide students a detailed explanation of major content and key concepts, issues, and applications. These are opportunities to engage students, offer learning support and guidance, and for students to interact with teaching staff, respond to questions/problems and ask questions in an immediate and responsive learning environment.

Online Tutorial Programs

Online tutorial programs are an addition to the webinars which offer opportunities throughout the study period in each subject for students to come together and work through specific problems/issues with the faculty. Online tutorials are also recorded (where appropriate) to create re-usable online resources and facilitate access for students unable to participate in classes.



Each subject includes an invigilated final examination with a threshold mark requirement to ensure the integrity and validity of student work submitted for assessment. However, each subject will also use a progressive assessment structure which will include non-examination elements to create more authentic assessment tasks and allow for regular feedback on students’ work. The assessment structure features early formative assessment tasks to engage students in the learning environment and allow for early feedback and development.