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Antidote to Indifference – GMBA Students Visit JWT Colloquial, Sydney

On 16th April 2018, the GMBA'17 cohort specialising in Contemporary Marketing Management went on an industry visit to JWT Colloquial. "The insights we got into the running of an integrated advertising agency were fantastic," shared John Miles, CEO - Sydney Campus. The students saw presentations from all parts of the agency, from the strategists through to the creatives.

The agency sees creativity as a powerful tool to differentiate their offering. Their search is for the ‘Antidote to Indifference’ - assuming no-one cares, they seek an angle to catch the attention of their target market.

Antidote to Indifference – GMBA Students Visit JWT Colloquial

Campaigns are heavily backed by data research and the arms of the agency work seamlessly together. The team makes the commitment to maintain respect for each other at all times, as views are strong and ideas clash in the search for the winning strategy. Successful campaigns include a world-wide movement seeing Subway working with Foodbank Australia, enabling extra meals for the destitute. A reminder of what can be achieved with creative problem solving.

Special thanks to Zeina Khodr, General Manager of Colloquial for an exceptional experience.

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